There are plenty of reasons to visit the Outdoor News Deer and Turkey Classic. Listed below you will find all the amazing mounts on display, kids activites and turkey displays. Speaking of turkeys, to find out what is in store for wild turkey enthusiasts at the 2017 Outdoor News Deer and Turkey Classic, click here.


Five of the more outstanding trophy deer mounts that will be on display will actually be replicas with interesting backstories behind them. To read more about the bucks on display at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Show, click here.


Come see Jim Wackler's 31-point buck on display at the 2017 Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic.

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The number one set of sheds in the world scoring 310⅝ found near Ely in 1989. The 39-point rack could have scored 334, which would have made it the world record nontypical buck.


Former world record typical! Harvested in 1918, but not scored until 1950, during the beginnings of Boone and Crockett, it was declared the new world record typical with a net 202 0/8" score.


Ben Miller will be at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic displaying his Minnesota Record Book buck that he dropped in 2009.


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This 9-point Meeker County buck measured 183⅞ typical, and it is the world's largest 4 by 4 framed deer. "It's the only known wild deer to (gross) score more than 200 inches three years in a row," Nola Lebrecht said. "The gross in the frames are just mammoth." How mammoth? Come see for yourself at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic.


Mitch Vakoch shot this 43-point buck in 1974. The all time ranking on the MN State Record is 24th in the world, the antlers scored 268⅝ net. This buck will be on display at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic.


Jerry Johnson shot this 10-point albino whitetail near his rural Cambridge home in 1994, and will be displaying it at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic.

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Certified as a new state record for a non-typical muzzleloader kill, Stan Kreidermacher's 28-pointer with a net score of 248⅝ will be on display at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic.


Considered the most famous true albino whitetail to ever have lived. This Ghost Buck was protected by law and lived to be 9 1/2 years old. He was a popular legend in Buffalo County, in his home state of Wisconsin. Albino deer are thought to be genetically inferior and not capable of producing large antlers, but the Ghost Buck defied the odds and produced this heavy, thick, beautiful set of sheds. Boasting almost 190", these massive antlers are trophies in any color of deer!


This 24 point buck was taken by Deb Luzinski while bowhunting on Oct. 27, 2006, currently it's the highest scoring buck taken by a woman using archery equipment. The antlers scored 228 2/8 gross & 222 2/8 net non-typical. See the life-size mount on display at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic.

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This 27 point buck was shot in 2012 in Ottertail County and scored 243 net non typical, ranking it in the top ten of Minnesota's Non typical bucks.


It is fast approaching the century mark since this Minnesota buck was harvested in 1938, north of Duluth Minnesota off of Wolf Lake. The hunting party would commute to a neighbor's farm, and upon arrival would load up a horse drawn sleigh to travel across the lake to their dirt floored cabin. This infamous deer was harvested as he picked his way through a clear cut of timber with a smaller buck with identical drop-tines followed in toe. It was officially entered into the Boone and Crockett Club with a gross score of 233 1/8 and a net score of 225 2/8. The most striking feature of this crown of antlers is the length of the beams, that carry outstanding mass almost out to the ends. The right beam measures 29 1/8" and the left at 29 3/8". The 1st circumference measurements are 6 2/8" and 6 1/8", and hold steady for most of the length of the beam, ending in matching drop tines.


The "Almost Buck", maybe a better name for this unlucky fellow. Taken in 1956, by Sal Aherens on the family farm near Sauk Centre, MN, Sal tossed the antlers in a swamp after harvesting his deer. Antlers weren't thought of being worth much at the time. He "almost" threw away this mega-buck rack, but thought twice and later retrieved them. It is a good thing that he did, as the huge rack created a stir in the vicinity. And for good reason. With beams of 29" and 26 5/8" and bases over 7", it is a world class whitetail. In fact, it grosses over 230" and netted 212" . This would of beaten the majestic Jordan Buck by "almost" six inches. This deer was "almost" declared the new world record typical, but photos surfaced showing 2 abnormal points had been removed in order to boost its typical score. Disqualified from the record books, it still is a tremendous typical rack that "almost" made it to the top!

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Taken in SE Minnesota in 2005 firearm season by Mario Morales. The rack had a 30" inside spread, and scored 1866/8 net typical and 2084/8 net nontypical


Jon Hatleli of Rushford shot this old Fillmore County buck on Nov. 8, 2015


World record archery moose! A mammoth of a moose taken by Real Langlois of The Rack Man, TV series in Canada. Real called in the monster with his homemade moose paddle decoys! Sensing a challenge, this old bull came within 8 feet, yes, 8 feet of real, before he let his arrow fly! Declared the new world record archery moose at the 2011 Pope and Young Convention with an amazing spread of 76".

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Excelsior's Jay Miller will have on display a replica of the Minnesota record typical shed antlers.


See the two-headed fawn from Southeast Minnesota on display at Booth 68.


Wildlife art will be in the making during the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic. Renowned Minnesota wildlife artists, the Hautman brothers will be at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic. Click here to learn more about the Hautman brothers.

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Visit Joe, Bob, and Jim Hautman at the Art Barbarians booth No. 611, and enter a drawing to win artwork by the world-famous wildlife artist brothers. Artwork in the drawing includes Spring at Last by Jim Hautman, Packing Out by Joe Hautman, and First Adventure (the 2015 Outdoor News Print of the Year) by Robert Hautman. The brothers’ schedule at booth 611 is as follows:

Friday, 4 to 8 p.m. all three Hautman brothers, Jim, Bob, and Joe

Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Bob Hautman; Saturday, 2:30 to 7 p.m., Jim Hautman

Sunday, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Joe Hautman.


We will give away a print of "First Adventure" by Bob Hautman on the last afternoon of the show.


We will give away a print of "Spring at Last" by Jim Hautman on the last afternoon of the show.


The world slam of turkey hunting will be on display at the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic. Taxidermy by Jeff McHugh.

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Pellet Gun Shoot, Trout Pond, Rubber Band Shoot, Archery Range, TIP Antler Ring Toss game and identification skills tests on turkeys and wildlife.


View some of the confiscated racks on display on the "Wall of Shame" sponsored by Turn In Poachers (TIP), Inc. and the MN DNR Enforcement Division including this Goodhue County 8-pointer that a Red Wing man shot in November 2009.

Other attractions include a turkey mount and a European antler mount from a deer taken illegally by a Maple Lake man in Wright County.


Fur-Ever Wild will be bringing an exhibit of two live wolves and a fisher to the show!


Friday, March 10, 2017 - 3-6pm - We'll be live on the air with a remote broadcast on BOB FM Country featuring radio host Neil Freeman.


Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 11am-1pm - Meet radio host and outdoor enthusiast Brian Zepp and the gang from KQRS radio for the chance to win prizes and giveaways.


Saturday March 11, 2017 - Meet the 4 Outdoorsmen who will be broadcasting from the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic. Tune into BOB FM for updates from the show, and meet the team in person.

The 4 Outdoorsmen is an outdoors Radio Show and podcast focusing on great stories and interviews with the biggest names in the outdoors industry. Hosted by outdoor professional Boomer Stelmach, Steve Strusinski (Stru) and producer Mark Lewke of Ron Schara Productions. Every week they have a guest 4th Outdoors Man or Woman to tell their story and join in the fun. You can listen to their show Sunday nights at 6pm on The Bob Radio Network availible in Minneapolis, Rochester and St. Cloud or listen to any show online or interact with them on facebook.


'Alaska Bushman' Mark Braaten, the will be on hand at this year's event. Braatan uses the bushman costume to help raise money for a national outdoors program that helps disabled veterans and wounded military personnel get outside to enjoy recreational activities.